The 4XA5 project was initially created as a part of the DIY cartoon market which took place in Amsterdam in 2012.

It started with a call out and ended up being a small but beautiful DIY collection of stories, drawings, cartoons and comics.

First edition call out poster:

4xA5To market to market:









Since it was so much fun the first time around I was asked to try it a second time.

Even more DIY the second edition took place at the ZsaZsa Zine and drew more people than the last time. (Not so many, but more).

Second edition call out poster:

4Xa5 may 2013 internet

Outcome of second round:

4xa5 2 4xa5 3 4xa5 4

I’m thinking of edition number 3: it will happen at some point, it should happen at some point. Hopefully the small 4xA5 collection will grow and inspire people to make their own comics and enjoy drawing and telling stories.


 January 2015 Рthe 3rd 4XA5 is in its way! exciting!

Take part! I dare you to…

4xA5 2015 colors2

Thanks to all the contributors! A few pics from the day itself.
4xa5 2015 1

4xa5 2015 2

4xa5 2015 3

4xa5 2015

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