December 2016: Resist! (Following the US elections).







November 2016: The adventures of Sarah ‘Lilly’ Goldberg! What a woman..

sarah0sarah1 sarah2 sarah3 sarah4 sarah5 sarah6 sarah7 sarah8 sarah9 sarah10 sarah11 sarah12

October 2016: ARGH! The US election!


July 2015: made this piece for the new feminist magazine good sister / bad sister.

POWER double web

from sketchbook, 2015
worry monster double web

2015 here I come!

happy new 2015

December 2014 – thank you patriarchy! (Dutch)

patriarchaat final



November 2014: First comic in Dutch! A1 poster made for the zzz stand at klik festival 2014.

In English: // “apparently we never told her we were all bi…”   //  “mom… dad…”    // Lilly comes out of the closet ~ ~greenhouse // (in dutch those two words sound very similar). So after explaining the joke and ruining it – here it is.

lelie big


August 2014: found this today; a SUWB adventure which didn’t make it to the final version..

suwb edited




July 2014: CONTROL



June 2014: “test yourself” For the next Lawaai issue

 control freak

control freak 1


March 2014: HUMMUS! Soon to be found printed on t-shirts and bags..


Feb. 2014: Another contribution to Lawaai. This issue’s theme is “relationships”. Since the topic overwhelmed me I just borrowed a friend’s experience and drew it. Awkward but true.

true story






Oct. 2013: The latest strip which will be published in ‘Lawaai’ zine of this autumn. The theme was ‘the system’ so I dug up some old sketches and gave them a new life.

here in europe?


SUWB was drawn for the second edition of the 4XA5 project (May 2013). ENJOY!



A little one for the first ‘Lawaai’ zine (May 2013)

new beginnings








This one was made for the zine “weak and lovely” in 2011. Somewhat old but still so relevant!

over eating

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