Historical cartoons

As part of a project on WW2 I chose to tell the story of Sarah Goldberg, a tough, strong, brave resistance fighter. Presenting: a few memorable moments in her life. Go Sarah!sarah0


Where? in Haarlem!

On June 4+5 I’ll be happily sitting behind my table selling my comix at the Small Press Beurs of the Stripdagen Haarlem! I have a couple of new pieces which will debut there and for my own entertainment (and for the people visiting of course) I will be making buttons on the spot.

haarlem stripdagen

published in kuti magazine!

The Finnish Feminist Comics Collective have taken over the editting of kuti’s 40th issue and made it into “the feminist issue”. sweet! For the occasion I have woken up the spirit of my one and only superhero SUWB (= Shut Up White Boy). It’s back and it’s ready to make some white boys shut up :)


SUWB kuti small


Women’s day publication!

How fun, the online magazine ‘good sister bad sister’ decided to celebrate this international women’s day by publishing my story “FADE”.
LINK: http://www.goodsisterbadsister.com/2016/03/fade.html
fade tease

what? kunststripbeurs!

kunststripbeurskst beeld
On March 19th I’ll be happily sitting behind a little table selling and exchanging my comix at the kunststripbeurs in Utrecht. Some older work will get a new printed face, and some new work will enjoy it’s first appearance. Still lots to prepare.. Here I go!